RAC travel to Esperance to talk road safety in the regions

RAC’s Community Education team will travel to Esperance next Wednesday, February 21, to educate students and their parents on the importance of road safety.

With 10 lives already lost on regional roads this year, RAC Corporate Affairs general manager Will Golsby said it was crucial to educate students about road safety.

“We teach students the importance of being safe behind the wheel and the effects alcohol, drugs, reckless behaviour and inattention have on driving,” he said.

“Drivers aged between 17 and 24 are at a much higher risk of being killed or seriously injured on our roads than older drivers.

“Combine this with driving in regional areas, where the fatality rate is five times higher than Perth metropolitan, and it is clear young people in regional WA are at a higher risk.

“These are very concerning figures which we want to improve by ensuring future generations of drivers have a good understanding of road safety and the consequences of bad decisions.”

The RAC team will visit Ravensthorpe, Esperance Senior High School, Esperance Residential College, Norseman District High School, Wongutha Christian Aboriginal School and Esperance Anglican Community School.

RAC will also deliver the ‘Keys for Life’ program for parents and learner drivers, covering topics including the licensing system and stress management for parents teaching their children to drive.

Keys for Life will be open to the public on February 21 from 5:30pm at the Esperance Civic Centre.