Esperance abattoir re-opens

The Esperance Abattoir has reopened and already employed 70 locals.

Central Agri Group resumed operations on Wednesday, February 7, 2018, a day after getting their export license.

The abattoir shut down in May 2017, under the previous ownership of Shark Lake Food Group.

Central Agri Group partner Peter Polovinka said most of the new staff were workers who have been rehired.

“The majority of those 70 people are former employees of Shark Lake,” he said.

“Many of those could not have gotten a job either, they were in their 50s, nobody would hire them and they were unemployed for the last 12 months.”

“So we’ve re-employed them.”

Mr Polovinka said the company would employ up to 150 locals once the facility was at full capacity.

“We’re processing cattle only at this time and hopefully within the next two months we’ll be processing sheep,” he said.

“We hope to process 150 cattle a day and 1500 sheep a day.”

The Esperance abattoir would provide a close facility for farmers to send their animals and reduce transport costs, Mr Polovinka said.

“We’d like to export and send a lot of the containers direct from out of Esperance Port straight to Fremantle.”

Mr Polovinka said the company was looking for a broad range of jobs including boners, labourers and maintenance people.

“I thank the support from local farmers and local stock agents, without their support we wouldn’t be here now.”

“This will be good for the community and have a flow effect for the town.”