Pig database launched for pork farmers across Australia.

The Federal Government announced a national database of all pig movements to be introduced by all State governments from February 1, 2018.

The program known as Pigpass  tracks the movement of every pig from farm to supermarket.

Federal Member for O’Connor Rick Wilson said the database will stop the spread of disease.

“We’ve developed a reporting scheme for the pork industry that will further strengthen Australia’s biosecurity standards,” Mr Wilson said.

“These changes will benefit the local industry in Esperance in the event of an emergency such as disease outbreak, because we’ll be in a position to identify the source and stop the disease spreading.”

“By enhancing the industry’s excellent reputation as a producer of safe products, we preserve the integrity of domestic and international supply and protect local farmers from potential negative impacts.”

Deborah Hoffrichter of family-business Shark Lake Piggery said while their farm ran a tight ship, the database would improve standards in the industry.

“This is something we already do automatically, but it will help keep everybody honest,” she said.

Ms Hoffrichter said the monitoring of pork farmers was much stricter than for sheep and cattle.

“If we have to keep track of each animal, why aren’t all the other industries doing it?” she said.

Owners of one, 20 or even a pet pig, must register with Pigpass.

For more information visit Pigpass.