Roe MP Peter Rundle criticises Local Projects for Local Jobs as abandoning regional WA

Roe MP Peter Rundle has accused the McGowan Government of abandoning regional Australia over the Local Projects for Local Jobs controversy. 

The district of Roe, which includes the Esperance region, did not receive any grant money from the scheme.

After it was revealed funding from the program heavily favoured seats Labor retained, as well as Liberal and National seats Labor took at the last election, the Premier has dismissed criticism.

“These were our election commitments, plain and simple,” a spokesperson for the Premier said.

“Just like any other election commitment made by other political parties across WA.”

“We will not be getting into a running commentary on funding requests from election candidates.”

The Premier’s office declined to answer if the Labor candidate for Roe applied for funding under the program.

Roe MP Peter Rundle criticised the McGowan Government for lavishing $120 000 on two dog parks in Perth whilst slashing education and health services in the bush.

“At the same time Mark McGowan is jeopardising the education of Roe students… his Labor Government is splashing cash across the Metro area, with $14.8 million spent in 34 Perth seats in just eight months.”

Mr Rundle said the figures revealed the McGowan Government believes if you don’t live in Perth you don’t matter.

The Premier’s spokesperson said the previous Coalition Government had eight years to fund projects in the electorate of Roe.

“The local MP for Roe had plenty of time to fund any worthwhile projects he believes have missed out,” the spokesperson said.

Roe is one of five seats currently held by the WA Nationals, none of which received money from the program.

Nationals leader Mia Davies said the program showed the Government wasn’t serious about paying down the State’s debt.

“The Government is increasing Roe’s household fees and charges and ruthlessly slashing vital services to pay for their unfunded election promises,” she said.