Esperance Bushfire Plan still in development as 15 'high-risk' Shires receive funding

Esperance Shire will not share in nearly $1.5 million to prevent bushfires as part of the first phase of State Government funding from the Mitigation Activity Fund.

The State Government announced $1.47 million from the Royalty for Regions fund to be allocated between 15 local governments.

Emergency Services minister Fran Logan said the 15 shires would be able to take practical steps to reduce risks to their communities.

“I am very pleased that these local governments, in high risk areas, have identified what needs treating and will use this funding to help keep their communities safe,” he said.

Shire of Esperance Community Support manager Mel Ammon said the Shire had been identified to be included in the third phase, with the project running since 2015.

“The Shire of Esperance is currently working with consultants to finalise an updated Bushfire Risk Management Plan in preparation to meet the requirements of the Mitigation Activity Fund project,” she said.

Ms Ammon said the Shire has always had documents to assist with fire prevention, recovery and response.

“Many of these documents were revisited after the November 2015 fires and consultants have been engaged to assist in the writing of a centralised Bush Fire Management Plan.”

The local governments who were eligible to apply for the first phase were announced on November 29, 2017.

The funds will go towards activities including hazard reduction burning and access-road construction according to the Department of Emergency Services.

Bushfire Risk Management Plans must be approved by the Office of Bushfire Risk Management.

The Shire of Ravensthorpe received $79, 600 to pay for 24 treatment operations.

Shire of Ravensthorpe president Keith Dunlop said the funding was good news for his high-risk district.