Playground upgrades for Nulsen and West Beach

The Shire of Esperance have announced plans to upgrade playgrounds at Victoria Street and Eagle Court Park, following a community consultation held late last year.

The first consultation was carried out in September of 2017, undertaken to gather feedback to develop designs to present to local residents.

Shire of Esperance Parks and Environment manager Jason Rhodes said the works were the result of the shire’s ‘Playgrounds and Open Public Spaces’ Strategic Plan.

“We did the original consultation to get an idea of what the community would like to see as part of the new park upgrades,” he said.

“From that, we developed a scope of works and put that out for a quote to a number of reputable playground suppliers.

“We’ve shown those plans back to the community, they’ve chosen their preferred option and now it’s time for construction.”

Construction on the parks is set to commence in February, with completion expected as early as March.

Mr Rhodes said taking the plans from the consultation stage to construction had been a successful and efficient process.

“Everyone who has been involved with the consultation process has been very positive, more than happy to work with us and had some great ideas,” he said.

“There are budget constraints associated with it, we can’t necessarily have everything we want, but I’m confident we can provide something that is going to be good for the residents of those areas for years to come.

“The process is ongoing – if the park in your area is not being upgraded at the moment, it is a 10 year plan and each year we’ve got a commitment from Council to help upgrade those facilities.”

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