Showing off Esperance’s creative talent

Work by Mylene van Heijster.
Work by Mylene van Heijster.

Esperance photographers have recently been acknowledged and celebrated for their contribution to increasing international tourism to the region through their social media posts. This is an interesting reflection on the power that creative work can have in regional communities to stimulate economic outcomes.

Other examples can be found in the many creative small businesses that have developed over the last few years, to promote buying local, handmade products. The fortnightly community-run Growers Market and Museum Village markets seems to have provided a platform for some of these small enterprises. The Cannery Art Centre is now also trialing an artisan market model (Can Jam 27th Jan & 25th Feb). The Cannery  also has its own arts and crafts gift shop, as does Esperance Community Arts, both of which create opportunities for local artists and crafters to promote and sell their work.

A number of small private galleries and businesses do the same. As well as cafés and accommodation places in town also display paintings and photography by local artists. All of this arts-based activity contributes to the tourist experience. In 2007 Esperance Community Arts worked with local galleries and arts groups to develop an Arts Trail in town. Ten years later, after numerous requests, we have again been able to source funding to develop and promote an Arts and Culture Trail in the Esperance region.

Building Better Regions Fund has provided $20,000 to Esperance Community Arts to support a six month project that will include the collation and development of website and social media content and a printed pamphlet to promote local artists, performers, events, venues and businesses. This project was designed to link in with the Goldfields-Esperance Arts and Culture Trail being developed by Artgold in Kalgoorlie. Although that larger project is currently on hold, we hope to link into it in the future, to further extend our networks and our reach.

Esperance artist and artsworker, Jennell Reynolds, will start work on the new Esperance Arts and Culture Trail in early February in the role of project manager. The completed art trail will be formally launched later this year.

If you would like to be included in this project contact Esperance Community Arts on 9072 1158, or on Facebook, email us - or visit us at 67 Dempster street from 10am -2pm Tuesday - Friday. You can also visit our website