Esperance Community head to the beach

More than 40 people of all ages headed to the foreshore to soak up the sun and get creative, with sand art wrapping up the week long Esperance One and All Community Program.

Participants brought their own bucket and spade to the Whale Tail on Friday, January 12, to sculpt their own sand castles in their allocated teams.

The team’s sculpture was then judged by fellow participants based on its functionality and creativity.

The program, which featured chess, drumming, wheelchair sports, frisbee, brick club, soccer and sand art, aims to provide a variety of free activities, games and challenges for all ages and abilities.

Shire of Esperance club development officer Shane Tobin said the program had been very successful.

“It’s just been an awesome week,” he said.

“We’ve had really good participation, considering it’s January and there is so much going on in town.

“It’s just really good to have something to offer in the summer holidays.”

It is the first time the community program, which coincides with scheduled school holidays, has run since the formal collaboration between the Shire of Esperance, BOICO and Escare to coordinate the event.