Scaddan Bowling Club final championships

Scaddan Bowling Club have held their final championships for 2017, with ‘far more’ to come in the new year.

Scaddan Bowling Club secretary Trish Stone said some ‘fantastic’ bowls were played by all competitors throughout the day and thanked sponsors for their support.

The ladies Fours were won by Trish Stone, Margaret Vandenberghe, Iris McCrea and Caroline Williams.

Margaret Hesford, Lynne Ietto, Lorraine Piercey and Alison Horley went on to take out the League runner ups playoff at Hopetoun.

Trish Stone and Lynne letto went on to win the ladies Pairs, sponsored by Daphne Longbottom, with Margaret Vandenberghe and Caroline Williams coming in at second place.

Ms Stone and Ms letto finished as runners up to Hopetoun in the League Pairs Championship at Condingup.

The Men’s Triples, sponsored by Thorp Realty, were won by Frank Stone, Wally Vandenberghe and Wally McCrea.

Sam Horley, Rod McCrea and Ron Baker came in a close second.

Peter Lewis and Bob Stevens were a whopping 23 shots up when they took out the men’s Pairs WS Paterson Shield, sponsored by A & G Paterson.

It was a close contest for the men’s Pairs WS Paterson Shield, which was decided by shots up over the last bowls.

John Jarvis and Barry King 20 up were runner up, with Frank Stone and Ron Baker 18 up and coming in a close third.

The Mixed Singles Champion was won by Trish Stone, with Wally Vandenberghe coming in as runner up.

Ms Stone won the final 17-9.

Both Ms Stone and Mr Vandenberghe received A & J Bauer Memorial mugs, kindly sponsored by Ian Carson.

Callum Williams went on to defeat Caroline Williams and take out third place.