Esperance Police urge people to lock cars and hide valuables

While behaviour in Esperance has been mostly good, police continue to be disappointed that people are leaving cars unlocked for offenders to steal valuables.

Police first expressed their ‘disappointment’ in residents in November when there had been 20 reported incidents of stealing, 15 of which were from unlocked cars within a week.

Esperance Police Sergeant Jenny Sara said people were still not adhering to the message of keeping their cars locked and valuables out of sight.

However, she has been pleased with the overall behaviour of the community.

“I’m very happy with the behaviour and it is good to see the public enjoying Christmas,” she said.

Sergeant Sara said drivers had been good with only a few fined with drink driving.

Police will be out in force over New Year’s Eve to help keep the community safe.

“We have a zero tolerance approach,” Sergeant Sara said.

There will be a talent show on the Esperance foreshore followed by a fireworks display as part of the New Year’s celebration.