Throwback Thursday – 10 years ago in the Esperance Express | photos

It’s our favourite time of the week – a chance to reflect on the changes in Esperance, the faces and the fun that was being had 10 years ago this week.

Take a look at our gallery and see if you can spot any familiar faces.

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The lead up to Christmas of 2007 was a festive one for the Esperance community.

The community gathered with delight for the annual Christmas pageant and even saw Santa take time out of his busy schedule to take part. 

Local Jolie Delroy managed to capture a photo of an eight-foot Bronze Whaler competing with Sammy the sea lion for the fish scraps at the Tanker Jetty.

And it’s a bit of a tradition in fishing tales for the fish to grow bigger and longer with every retelling of the story, but for Rob Bowkett and Trevor King, the fish they found washed up on the beach was already larger than life. 

The large fish Mr King and Mr Bowkett dragged up onto the beach was estimated to weigh in at around 200kgs, and was about 6 feet long – as large as a grown man. “It had its tail bitten off and its guts bitten out, so it was probably a bit longer” Mr King said.