Centrecare take on The Esplanade

Centrecare Esperance have held an opening ceremony for their new premises on The Esplanade on Friday, December 15.

The local counselling and social services provider has been operating in the region for almost 20 years, having first begun as an outreach from Kalgoorlie.

Centrecare director Tony Pietropiccolo said despite the community's size, the organisation delivered services necessary to the Esperance community.

“The numbers in smaller communities, like Esperance, don’t often rate largely enough to have substantial reports from governments and other organisations but it’s not just about numbers,” he said.

“For us, what is becoming quite evident is that it’s about the fact that people need these services.

“I would encourage those of you that are involved to keep that in mind, that irrespective of our numbers, there is a desperate need for these services.”

Mr Pietropiccolo recalled visiting the region during a difficult time for the community.

“I remember coming down here a number of years ago, when Esperance had one of the highest rates of suicide,” he said.

“I can remember having a meeting with the local shire president and, at the time, he was quite distressed about the impact that it was having on all of the community.

“It’s so important to provide services to a community like this, because of how it can impact everyone because of the relationships that exist within the community, because everyone knows everyone.”

With a commitment to providing the best possible service, Mr Pietropiccolo said staff were inspired by respect, compassion and value for others and supporting the community.

“What we’re providing is not about money, it is about other people,” he said.

“It is about an interest in the wellbeing of others.

“We’re not here to make a profit and, if we were, we would have given up a long time ago. 

“It is terribly important that people know that there is support available.”

For assistance, contact Esperance CentreCare on (08) 9083 2600.