The South East Agronomy Services principal prioritises growth

Esperance local Luke Marquis has been named as one of eight leading Australasian growers and advisers to receive recognition at the 2017 Syngenta Growth Awards.

The South East Agronomy Services principal received the Adviser Productivity Award for his efforts to achieve a more sustainable future for the agricultural sector.

Mr Marquis, who has worked in agronomy for almost two decades, said the win was still ‘sinking in’.

“It was a real privilege just to be nominated,” he said.

“The best thing about the whole thing was meeting some fantastic people in agriculture, if nothing else, that experience was amazing.”

Having spent some time at the event with the 24 other nominees, Mr Marquis said he was amazed by the calibre of the producers and other nominated advisors, and the work they were doing in their field. 

“It was a privilege to be chosen, especially when there is just a room full of down-to-earth, good quality agricultural ambassadors,” he said.

“It’s still sinking in a bit.”

Juggling two Esperance-based businesses, Mr Marquis works as an agronomy consultant and researcher, the ventures working ‘hand in hand’ with one another.

“It’s a consulting role and you’re dealing with a number of clients based on their farm production, nutrition, varieties, rotation, soil health, disease and insect management,” he said.

“You work pretty closely with a fairly large client base.”

“I started the research business because I have a passion for agriculture and there are always a lot of questions and I want to work to try to help answer some of them.”

While he enjoyed working with the relevant industry departments, Mr Marquis said he was passionate about working exclusively with his client base to try and improve their production and industry knowledge.

Mr Marquis said remaining sustainable and profitable was important to him longterm.

“Obviously, if we’re not sustainable and profitable then a lot of people in the industry will suffer,” he said.

“We’ve got to make sure that we’re farming to the best of our ability and can hand on the country, in an even better condition than we’ve got it, to the next generation.”

Syngenta Territory Head for Australasia, Paul Luxton, said all winners were ‘deserving’ recipients.

“The Syngenta Growth Award winners have been chosen from across the spectrum for their strong passion for agriculture and challenging complacency in our industry,” Mr Luxton said.

Winners were chosen by an independent judging panel, selected based on a set of strict criteria including their contribution to the industry.