King of Concrete in Esperance

Shredability held their annual ‘King of Concrete’ event last Saturday, December 2, drawing renowned skaters from around the state. 

King of Concrete founder and former World Cup champion Renton Millar said the event, in its third year, was very successful.

“We were so stoked to come to Esperance and it really was such a good trip for all the skaters, they loved it and I loved it,” he said.

“The people were super friendly and, of course, it was an epic location.

“It really blew these young skaters’ minds I think and they had the time of their lives.”

With a busy competition season in full swing, Mr Millar said the event was about finding the best skatepark for competitors to display their skills.

“I mean, there are a few key things you need for ‘King of Concrete’ to be successful,” he said.

“One of them is to have a great skatepark, a great location and great support from the local scene and we had all of that.”

Although he said it was difficult to chose just one highlight, Mr Millar said he thoroughly enjoyed watching one of Australia’s best attend and compete.

“It’s always pretty amazing to see Jedd Mckenzie skate, he’s one of Australia’s best skaters,” he said.

“Also, just seeing how much the skaters from Esperance have improved and are enjoying their bowl [skatepark].

“It’s a great facility and, for me, just anytime I get out in that space, it’s just super fun.”

Mr Millar said the competitors, who had travelled to Esperance for the nationwide event, ‘loved it’.

“It was really cool and I think they’re hanging to get back,” he said.

With 16 years of professional skateboarding experience under his belt, Mr Millar said he had a vision to bring a national level skateboard competition to regional Australia.

After retiring, the event founder began taking the competition across Australia.

“That’s what King of Concrete is and it’s been really successful,” he said.

“I held the first one 2 years ago on the Sunshine Coast and, since then, I’ve done them all over Australia.”

With the number of female competitors in the division growing, Mr Millar said it was amazing to see ‘the movement’.

“For a long time, it wasn’t considered ‘normal’ for girls to be out on a skateboard but that’s kind of been broken in recent years,” he said.

“Over east, we do have a few female skaters, we had Poppy Starr Olsen and Hayley Wilson come out and really change that.

“They’re top calibre girl skaters.

“There is a lot happening for girl’s skating, and Poppy and Hayley are really at the forefront of that movement.”

The girl’s division in Esperance featured a number of young skaters, something Mr Millar said is ‘fantastic’ to see.

“They’re growing up with real female skating role models,” he said.

“For me to take two boys and two girls, that’s pretty equal and the sport is really becoming like that.

“It was never like that in the past.”

XGames Street Finalist Hayley Wilson was also on the competition’s judging panel and said it was great to see the local girls really ‘getting into it’.

The open section saw Jedd McKenzie take first place and $500 prize money, with Zac Callahan coming in second and Sonny Cooke placing third.

Winner Jedd said he loved the competition’s location.

“I love skating the Esperance skatepark, it’s really fun and in a mad spot on the beach,” he said.

The best trick of the day was won by Sonny Cooke, who shocked onlookers with a 540 ‘over the hip’.

The next King of Concrete event will be held in Newcastle on December 16.

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