Esperance Rotary Club look forward

The Esperance Rotary Club have reopened the lookout on Dempster Head over the weekend, following its recent refurbishment.

More than 28 attendees and members of the Rotary Club turned out to see the structure officially reopen on Sunday morning, December 3.

In a speech held before the official reopening, Esperance Rotary Club president Ken Jenkyn thanked the many local contractors and volunteers for their assistance in the refurbishment.

Mr Jenkyn said the current estimated cost of the development was around $20,000, provided by the club as a ‘return’ to the Esperance community.

The structure, first built in 1964, was last replaced and built by Timmins & Timmins Building Contractors in 1987.

Mr Jenkyn said company owner Allan Timmins, who attended on Sunday, had been the ‘driving force’ behind the refurbishment some 30 years later.

Esperance Shire president Victoria Brown welcomed attendees and commended Rotary on their work within the town.

“I first saw it from the lookout in 1982 and I can remember looking out and thinking ‘wow, this must be the closest place to heaven on earth’,” she said.

“Now, over 30 years later, I still believe that.”

Ms Brown said she was ‘very excited’ to reopen the structure and said the time and money contributed by the Rotary Club was testament to what the Rotary and the community were ‘all about’.

“I was at a business after hours function a couple of weeks ago and I said it then and I’ll say it again, the Esperance Shire Council are extremely proud of its Rotary Clubs and this beautiful revamped structure is testament to you, the very valued members of our community.”

Mr Jenkyn thanked those involved, including Jatec Engineering, Esperance Freight Lines, Ogley Rendering, Herbert Painting Contractors, Holcim & Colin Sharpe, Bunnings Warehouse Esperance, Taubmans Paint, Steve Smith, Andy Johnson, Ballantynes, Top Signs, Tony Holten and Jack Timmins.

Mr Jenkyn also thanked Shire of Esperance chief executive officer Matthew Scott and Esperance Shire president Victoria Brown for their assistance and support.

The Esperance Rotary Club was formed in 1962, a group of local residents who gather to socialise and ‘do good’ for the community.