SAFE Esperance look for support

SAFE Esperance coordinator Janine Button has called on the community for assistance as kitten season approaches.

Since early 2014, the organisation has taken in 395 cats and kittens and, according to Ms Button, that number is expected to climb ‘well over’ 400 by the end of this mating season.

Ms Button said there were currently 16 cats and 15 kittens for homing.

“None of the SAFE branches have a shelter and, instead, we use people in the community to foster our animals for us, depending on what people can cope with and what they’re willing to open their home to,” she said.

On average, Ms Button said the organisation had around 20-24 carers for their animals in Esperance.

“It can be really stressful but it’s a wonderful model and works so well,” she said.

Potential carers are assessed based on a number of factors including location, experience with animals and living circumstances.

Purina One ambassador and animal behaviourist Dr Jo Righetti said there were many things to consider before adopting a cat.

“Cats are unique creatures that need some personal space, enjoy being on your benchtops and demand attention on their terms,” she said.

“Make sure that you are ready for a feline friend prior to adoption.”

Dr Righetti suggested consulting the adoption agency involved regarding what ‘cat personality’ would be most suitable.

“Adopted cats make great pets,” she said.

“No matter what cat, or other pet, you end up choosing, give some consideration to a surrendered cat or a feline friend needing a home.”

SAFE Esperance were allocated a grant by the Shire of Esperance to financially assist the community with having pets desexed.

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