Esperance boy to face multiple charges in court

A 12-year-old-boy has with a series of offences from the past nine weeks, including the theft of moped.

The first offence occured on October 1, at 4.25pm when the accused, in the company of several other boys, allegedly smashed a classroom window to steal confectionary and cash.

Esperance Police allege the boys then threw at the ‘Timeout’ window, smashing it and causing $800 worth of property damage.

Police allege that on the same day that the boy threw rocks at the windows of a vacant house on Rouse Street in Nulsen, causing around $500 damage.

Between 9.30pm on November 21 and 10.30am on November 22, it’s alleged the boy stole a moped from a Butler Street house in Castletown.

Police said he rode the moped around the West Beach area before it was recovered from his home..

The boy did not hold a valid driver’s licence and was not wearing a helmet at the time.

He will appear in the Esperance Children’s Court on December 6, charged with aggravated burglary, stealing, criminal damage, trespassing, stealing a motor vehicle, and driving a motor cycle without a helmet.