Last weekend's Esperance Tri Club Super Tri

Sunday morning saw the Esperance Tri Club running a new format of the tried and tested swim bike run.

The Esperance Super Tri sponsored by Dempster Sporting and Esperance Tri Club consisted of 300m swim, 2.5km run 30km bike back to the ocean for another 300m swim and then a final 5km run.

The mixing up of the format brought a new and exciting side to the race with several lead changes in both the male and female divisions.

10 individuals and 4 teams took part with the weather conditions proving to near on perfect.

Local new comer Ryan Meldrum took our line honours in the male division showing a couple of good run legs, too good for 2nd place Owen Critchley.

Ben Pratt took out 3rd just holding off a fast finishing Alan Weatherhead.

Dempster Sporting Ladies division saw several lead changes with Tab Meerman first out of the water.

A quick run pace set by Sez Norman quickly gave her the lead, but Sue Weatherhead soon pulled Sez in with a stella bike leg.

With a good lead going into the final leg it was down to Sue to keep the speedy Sez off her heals.

Sez managed to track her down giving her 1st place followed by Sue Weatherhead for 2nd and Tab Meerman in 3rd.

Times for Sunday’s Super Tri:

Ryan Meldrum 1.43.21

Owen Critchley 1.44.02

Ben Pratt 1.46.46

Alan Weatherhead 1.47.23

Sarah Norman 1.48.39

Sue Weatherhead 1.52.02

Tab Meerman 1.56.11

Tim Ammon 1.56.12

Wayne Marchese 1.57.41

Karl Simpson-Jones 2.22.00

Thanks goes out to Dempster Sporting and Esperance Tri Club for sponsoring this years Esperance Super Tri.

December 3rd sees the annual Busselton Ironman and this year two Esperance Tri Club members will be making their maiden appearance.

Good luck to Alan and Sue Weatherhead, may all your training and hard work pay off.

Also returning to Busselton for more punishment local legends Pam Williams and Frank Mathews, we salute you.

Next event for the Esperance Tri Club is 10th December offering both long and short course.