Maccan posts great time in South East Runners

Adam Maccan had a top run to finish first in the 2km run, in a great time of 7.35 with Shane Tobin second and Andy Maccan in third place.

The weather gods were kind for the South East Runners run and walk on Saturday, with the rain and wind staying away for the duration of the event.

The start venue was the Whale Tail precinct, and the event was run on the main foreshore path.

Runners had a choice of a two, four, or six kilometre run while walkers had a choice of two or four kilometres.

Adam Maccan had a top run to finish first in the 2km run, in a great time of 7.35. 

Shane Tobin was the second runner back, with Andy Maccan in third place.

Jessie Eltringham also had a great race to be the first runner back in the 4km distance.

She recorded a very good time of 15.18. 

Zoe Maccan was the second runner to finish, followed by her mum Donna.

The next place went to Lucas Tobin who put in a sprint finish to outpace Joshua Maccan.

There were but two takers for the 6km distance, with Richard Brown first back ahead of Howard Reddyhough.

For the walkers, Chris Cassam was first to cross the line, ahead of Linda Tobin and Sonya Lawry in the 2km distance.

In the 4km event Hillary Duffy and Alison Reddyhough crossed the line together, followed by Milly Speelman and then the Mganbani family.

There is no run next weekend due to the club’s Christmas party and prize night. 

The following weekend’s event will be a cross-country starting from the Rotary lookout on Wireless Hill. Start time is 4pm on Saturday, December 2.

The club’s presentation night will be held this Saturday, November 25, with a roast meal and dessert.

Members need to bring a salad to share, drinks and chairs.

For more information on the South East Runners club please contact Howard or Alison Reddyhough on 0427 712 794.


2km run:

Adam Maccan 7.35; Shane Tobin 8.20; Andy Maccan 9.08; Nathan Cassam 14.04; Abbie Cassam 14.05; Melissa Frost 16.00

                                                                                                                                                               4km run:

Jessie Eltringham 15.18; Zoe Maccan 17.05; Donna Maccan 23.07; Lucas Tobin 23.24; Joshua Maccan 24.04

                                                                                                                                                              6km run: 

Richard Brown 31.13; Howard Reddyhough 31.14

                                                                                                                                                               2km walk:

Chris Cassam 14.50; Linda Tobin 17.32; Sonya Lawry 17.33; Rachel Howe 19.53

                                                                                                                                                              4km walk:

Hillary Duffy 36.44; Alison Reddyhough 36.44; Milly Speelman 37.46; Eva Mganbani 38.58; Jono Mganbani 38.58; Thandeka Mganbani 39.02; Nate Mganbani 39.02