Esperance Primary School students receive safety lessons from Constable Care

Constable Care Child Safety Foundation have delivered lessons to children from eight different primary schools during a tour of Esperance last week.

The performances, which took place over November 8, 9 and 10, incorporated puppet shows and interactive performances to help teach children vital safety skills such as protective behaviours and online safety.

Constable Care performer Kate Willoughby said students had responded well to the messages.

“We want to reassure and remind students that their safety is a top priority,” she said.

“They have been very well behaved and it’s great to get them thinking and contributing to these important lessons.”

Cubby House’s Little Treasures daycare nominated supervisor Tanya Mumme said, given the children were relatively young for the lesson, the performers did an ‘amazing job’.

“The kids absolutely loved it and they related it to the children as best they could,” she said.

“We had children from our babies room right up to our big kids room of three to six year olds and all of them were just really engaged, they just absolutely loved it.”

Ms Mumme said the centre ‘jumped’ at the opportunity to hold the incursion, despite the lessons being for children of an older age bracket.

“Even though I feel as though some of it would have gone over their heads, it’s just that exposure,” she said.

“They spoke about safety in the park and good secrets and bad secrets so, you know, even at a young age they do understand wrong from right.”

Castletown Primary School early childhood teacher and event organiser Wendy Weckert said the performers presented the messages in a fun and ‘stimulating’ way.

“The early childhood one was about protective behaviours and being careful in the playground and when meeting people they’re not sure of,” she said.

“Cyber safety is something that the upper school teachers felt was quite relevant for their children to be exposed to and for that particular age group.”

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