Esperance Emergency Services conclude intense training

Esperance State Emergency Service have spent the last four days in an intense training course to assemble a fully qualified team.

Esperance Emergency Service manager Russell Palmer said the intensive training included rope rescue systems at the Esperance Business Centre car park on Windich street. 

“We typically only hold this specific training session every couple of years but we’ve got a few newly qualified members that are actually able to get to this level of training because this is, as I said, a very intense course,” he said.

“A much higher set of physical fitness skills and mental fitness is required for this one.”

Mr Palmer said the rope rescue, typically referred to as a highline or tyrolean rescue, prepared volunteers for situations where a casualty needed to be retrieved and brought to safety.

“The theory behind this rescue is that if you’ve got to get across a big gorge or an island in the middle of the river and you actually bring your escort across the top and down to where the casualty is, pick them up, lift them back up and then pull them back in to safety,” he said.

Mr Palmer praised the team for their work over the course of the training and said he knew there was a lot of work involved.

“There are some very tired minds and bodies after the last few days but it’s been a good course and we’ve got some really good people here,” he said.

“Everyone here is a volunteer, giving up their own time and giving up work for it.

“If you’re lucky, you’ve got an employer who actually allows you to take leave for this but, if you’re self employed, it can cost you and cost you the days wages as well.”

The community is welcome to watch the group training, which takes place on Brazier street every Tuesday evening.