This week's Esperance Tennis Club Junior Pennants results

The Esperance Tennis Club Junior Pennants has commenced with a great season so far.

The club has welcomed many new families and junior players.

Both A and B divisions had competitive matches for both singles and the team events. 

The Esperance Tennis Club offers programs to suit all ages and levels of ability. 

For more info contact Dianne Hollands on 0413 649 476 or find us on our Facebook page.  


A Grade  Round 2

Singles Only

A1 Luke Greatrex V Stella Wildberger 8:3

A1 William Wildberger V Angus Shaw 5:3

A2 Ollie Wandel V Dylan Phillips 5:3

A3 Toby Jones V Patrick Phillips 5:2

A3 Hugo Luxton V James Kirchner 6:1

A4 Oscar Jeitz V Eddie Barrett 7:2

A4 Harriet Wildberger V Amy Towers 6:3

A5 Dane Kuss V Jemma Towers 6:2

A5 Zoe McCrea V Archie Roberts 4:3

B Grade Round 2

B1 Sam Matthews V Riley Simpson 5:1

B1 Jorja Montgomerie V Mitch Wandel 4:3

B2 David Nicholas V Stella Wandel 5:0

B2 Jamie Chapman V Shahn Waight 6:2

B3 Tess Jones V Maggie Wandel 3:1

B3 Lachie Roberts V Charis Lee-Steere 3:2

B4 Mieka Watkins V Montanah Miller 4:1

B4 Isabelle Cox V Chelsea Dutton 5:1

A Grade  Round 2

A1 Angus Shaw V Stella Wildberger 7:2

A1 William Wildberger V Benjamin Haclin 6:2

A2 Riley Wandel V Ollie Wandel 6:1

A2 Harry Fowler V Jason Goodman 9:2

A3 Toby Jones V Ben LeeSteere 6:1

A3 James Kirchner V Patrick Phillips 4:4

A4 Regan Mott V Amy Towers 5:4

A4Harriet Wildberger V Oscar Jeitz 6:4

A5 Kacie Goodman V Zoe McCrea 4:1

A5 Archie Roberts V Jemma Towers 5:1

B Grade Round 2

B1 Alec Watkins V Sam Matthews 5:2

B2 David Nicholas V Orla Fowler 8:2

B2 Jamie Chapman V Stella Wandel 4:3

B3 Lachie Roberts V Charis LeeSteere 5:1

B4 Montanah Miller V Chelsea Dutton 3:1