Police talk crime prevention in peak tourist season

Esperance has a population of about 14,450, but as we move into the peak tourist season we will see a population influx.

‘Tourism WA’ estimates that 294,100 people visit Esperance every year. December, January and February are peak tourism months. Over the three year average crime trends indicate a sharp increase in offending during this period. However we are already seeing an increase in stealing offences. This can be attributed to extended demands on policing; ‘soft target’ opportunities for thieves; and longer daylight hours. There are steps that you can take to protect your property and yourself. Lock your vehicle every time. Remove valuables from view. If you secure electronic devices to the windscreen with suction brackets, then wipe away the suction cup marks after you remove the device. If you have bikes, compressors or fridges on the ute tray or roof rack, then lock them to the vehicle with quality bike locks. Never leave your car unattended with the keys in the ignition.

When camping, avoid leaving valuables within the awning of your caravan, especially overnight. If you are camping avoid leaving phones, cash, wallets and keys inside a tent. Don’t leave property unattended in communal areas. At home, if you have motion sensor security lights then ensure the sensor is clear of obstructions and facing in the optimal direction. Ensure all globes in the outside lights work. Lock your sheds and garages. Don’t leave bikes and scooters on the front yard. If your property is vacant for more than a few days consider the following: Set various lights in different rooms to activate at different times using timer plugs. Ask a neighbour to bring your bins back from the kerb and collect mail. Or, Australia Post offer a mail holding or redirecting service. Notify Esperance Police that you are away and increased patrolling can occur past your address. Join Neighbourhood Watch Esperance Facebook group or subscribe to ewatch.com.au for information. Report crime to Esperance Police via Crime Stoppers, or ring 9097 8999, or 131444.  I hope you all stay safe and enjoy a great summer season.