Esperance seniors encouraged to join Esperance Senior Citizen Centre

Esperance Senior Citizen Centre are encouraging local seniors to join following this year’s Senior’s Week celebrations.

Senior Citizen Centre vice president Ellen Saltmarsh said the week, which included an exhibition of the activities undertaken by members, had been an ‘eyeopener’.

“We’ve had a display of the work that happens here, the patchwork, the painting and the knitting,” she said.

“It’s been an eyeopener for the people that normally just come here for the lunch we hold on a Wednesday because, when they came in and saw the set up, they didn’t realise that those things were going on here.”

Despite the array of work on show by talented members of the Centre, Ms Saltmarsh said the group had not seen as many people attend this year.

“We haven’t had as many people come through as we would have liked but, as I say, it’s been good for the other members to see what goes on,” she said.

The Senior Citizen Centre, which currently has more than 300 members, undertake a variety of activities including knitting small toys and newborn beanies for children at the local hospital.

Ms Saltmarsh said she encouraged all those 55 and over to join and participate in the social aspect of the centre.

“We teach all of the games that we play here and we don’t play competitively, it’s all just for a laugh,” she said.

“Most of us here live alone, so that’s what it’s for.

“Come in, get a cup of tea and talk to people.”

Ms Saltmarsh said the Senior Centre was particularly sensitive to those who had lost a partner. 

“The Senior Citizens can be helpful if you’ve lost a partner, the majority of us have been through that and we encourage them to come,” she said.

“We understand.”

For more information, contact the Senior Citizen Centre on (08) 9071 2268.