Esperance man to represent community at next year's Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony

Esperance local Jaimen Hudson has been selected to represent the community by carrying the Queen’s Baton as part of the Opening Ceremony for the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

The aerial photographer and cinematographer was chosen by the organisers of the Opening Ceremony.

“They sent me an email in August and I didn’t know if it was legitimate,” he said.

“They found me on social media, had seen my stuff online and knew I lived in the area so they asked me.”

Mr Hudson said, although the invite was very unexpected, he was looking forward to the event next February.

“I was really honoured and humbled to be chosen when I found out as it will definitely be a very cool experience,” he said.

The very humble, marine orientated aerial photographer said he was first introduced to the drone after a gentleman working for DJI came to his family’s business wanting to shoot a promotional video at Lake Hillier.

“When he came back, this was before drones were really popular, he gave me some of the footage and that’s how it all started from there,” he said.

“I thought ‘wow, that’s really cool’ and I bought one and that was all I did really, spent my time out flying that and getting photos and videos and I’ve been pretty lucky to have a bit of success with it.

“I’ve been lucky, it’s been really good.”

Having always lived in Esperance, Mr Hudson said the best part about living in the town was the real sense of community.

“Everyone knows everyone and, obviously, there’s the beautiful coastline that we have,” he said.

“I live across the road from one of my best mates growing up and and around the corner from where my other mates are, so it’s a really tight-knit community and everyone bands together.

“I think that’s probably the best thing about it.”

Mr Hudson said his family and his girlfriend would join him on the trip down to Albany for the ceremony.

“I think Mum is super proud because she’s been telling everyone and Dad is pretty proud as well so it’s really cool,” he said.

“They’ve been spreading the word for me.”

Thousands of ‘local legends’ around Australia have been nominated to take part in next year’s ceremony.

Batonbearers are nominated by the community to recognise their achievements and contributions and to represent the spirit of the Commonwealth, inspiring others to be great.