Shire of Esperance commits to renewable energy sources

The Shire of Esperance are planning to install a new 100 kilowatt solar system on the roof of the Bay of Isles Leisure Centre in a bid to reduce costs.

Esperance Shire Council chief executive officer Matthew Scott said the council had accepted a tender for the new system on the centre, which currently has a 30 kilowatt solar system.

The centre will instead receive a newer, more efficient 100 kilowatt system to fit the same space.

“With modern technology, through the advancements in the solar technology, we can actually put in a 100 kilowatt system for the same space,” Mr Scott said.

Mr Scott said the project was about the council looking at renewable energy options and utilising them where they can.

“Again, it’s an attempt to look at how we can save that extra dollar when it comes to energy and the Bay of Isles has a relatively big roof and we’ve got a lot of sunshine so why not try and do that?” he said.

“We’ve got a 60 kilowatt system on top of [the council] roof that was installed last year and it has been working very well and the company that installed this one was successful in the tender for the Bay of Isles.

“It’s good for the community and it’s good for the Bay of Isles if we can slowly try and become more efficient and save a bit on the expenditure side because the Bay of Isles have a fairly large portion of our budget in order to the Bay of Isles open.”

Shire president Victoria Brown agreed stating that, when it came to running and maintaining a piece of shire infrastructure, the Bay of Isles was the most expensive building. 

Mr Scott said the council would be putting the old 30 kilowatt system up for auction following the installation of the new system.