Esperance Indoor Sports Stadium gets new portable flooring

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The Esperance Indoor Sports Stadium has installed $70,000 worth of flooring upgrades while users wait for the facility’s redevelopment.

Funds were raised entirely through the Stadium Management Committee for new portable flooring for court three, as well as resurfacing for courts one and two.

Management Committee treasurer Darren Kennedy said the portable flooring was a long-term investment.

“The beauty about this floor is that it’s completely portable, it’s actually designed to be a three-on-three outdoor surface,” he said.

“In the future if we want to run three-on-three tournaments, say at the festival of the Wind or Australia Day... it is feasible that this surface can be lifted up and transported anywhere there is a flat surface.

“Even when the stadium ultimately gets upgraded, and if this facility wasn’t going to be used any longer, the flooring can be used for other purposes.”

Mr Kennedy said the committee felt they needed to do something for stadium users after introducing a membership fee a few years back.

“With the protracted redevelopment, we felt that it was only fair that some of that money need to actually be spent and given back to the existing users, not just for future users.

“It still could be another couple of seasons before we get the benefit of the new stadium.

“I think members will be happy that they’re seeing, finally, that they’re actually getting something for their money.”

Mr Kennedy said the re-usable aspect of the flooring made it a more appealing option over a potentially more expensive and permanent solution.

The floor could be laid in one day and came pre-marked, essentially making it an over-sized jig-saw puzzle.

Mr Kennedy said Basketball WA brought down a sample court a couple of months ago, which gave stadium-users the chance to trial the flooring.

“Everybody agreed once we saw it there was no choice, we were definitely going to purchase it for the cost

Mr Kennedy also acknowledged committee president Graham Mackenzie’s efforts in making sure the stadium is upgraded.