Esperance avatar fan gets backstage tour of Cirque Du Soleil

A former Esperance local was given the opportunity of a lifetime when she was invited backstage at Cirque Du Soleil’s Avatar-themed performance.

Organisers were so impressed with Emma Bailye’s costume that they invited her to meet some of the cast and crew of Toruk: The First Flight in Brisbane.

“We got see the costumes up close, I was intrigued at how they made the different elements, like the tails and how they did the painting,” she said.

Hoping to become a costume designer, the 18-year-old loosely based her costume off the characters created for the show, which she completed in under a month.

“I did similar make-up but I made my own jewelry and design for the stripes and everything. We met lots of the costume ladies and it was pretty cool, even they were impressed by it, which is a pretty big compliment because they’re from a professional background,” she said.

Ms Bailye also received countless photo requests from audience members equally amazed with her work.