Nulsen cyclist drug dealer sentenced in Esperance Magistrates Court

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A 26-year-old man has been handed a six-month community-based order after appearing in the Esperance Magistrates Court on October 17.

Sinclair Dean Oliver, 26, was charged with possession of a prohibited drug with intent to sell or supply, and unlawful possession, on July 20 in Nulsen.

Esperance Police searched the man’s satchel where they found a book safe containing 12.72 grams of cannabis in clip seal bags and a list containing names and numerical value amounts.

Magistrate Adam Hills-Wright didn’t issue Oliver a fine partly due to him having outstanding fines with no means of paying them. 

Defence lawyer Ashley Watson said Oliver had been left unemployed and resorted to dealing because he was short on cash and it was only a small amount of cannabis.

Mr Hills Wright gave credit to Oliver for pleading guilty and his involvement with a pre-sentence opportunity program.

The magistrate said he was not satisfied that Oliver needed to be sent to jail again but warned that he was no longer at an age where youth gave benefit.