Local documentary screens again due to popular demand

Esperance-based documentary ‘Secrets at Sunrise’ will screen next Monday night, the film following the protection effort of Western Australia’s rarest bird.

The film, by Esperance-based documentary film makers Dave and Jennene Riggs, sheds light on the work by a team of scientists from the Parks and Wildlife service trying to safeguard the remaining Western Ground Parrot population at Cape Arid.

Ms Riggs said the film, which followed the team’s program for three years, cut between the survey work happening in the field and the progress of a captive breeding program being run by Perth Zoo.

“In late November 2015, we had a series of wildfires that ripped across Cape Arid and wiped out 90 per cent of their last known habitat,” she said.

“It was really devastating and we didn’t know if any would have survived.

“Going out there I could really see the comradery of the team and I knew there was a real story unfolding.

“There are now less than 150 of them in existence out at Cape Arid national park.”

The film has now screened around the state and in New South Wales, with upcoming screenings in Victoria.

Ms Riggs said the emotional film had generated a ‘great’ response and hoped viewers would get behind the cause.

“It is a really dramatic story, there are lots of highs and lows and it’s a bit of a roller coaster ride,” she said.

“We’re getting it out there and the idea behind making the film really is to educate people about this endangered bird and the incredible effort that is going in to trying to save it from becoming extinct.”

The documentary will screen on October 30 at 7pm at Fenwick 3 Cinemas.

The film will run for 80 minutes, concluding with a short question and answer session with Ms Riggs.

Tickets for the screening are available from www.trybooking.com/SQSD