Rifle Club members face tough conditions at club championships

Good shot: Esperance Rifle Club member Ray Hurley. Photo: supplied.
Good shot: Esperance Rifle Club member Ray Hurley. Photo: supplied.

ESPERANCE Rifle Club held the 2017 club championships over Saturday and Sunday the weekend of October 14 and 15.

The members competing numbered 15 across four disciplines: Traditional Target Rifle, F Class Standard, International F.T.R. and the superstar division of F Class Open.

The conditions were warm and clear skies for Saturday with a savage fishtail breeze and constantly changing mirage.

Top scores were low, very low for the first dispatch at 700 yards.

The best scores being six points lost to the wind and mirage. Very tough indeed; low numbers and shattered egos for everyone.

Just one dispatch at each range to be added to the best score from 20 shots at each range would determine the winner for each division.

The results will be heard at the club presentation at the club house November 4.

Six hundred metres saw some improvements but still most results again below average for all competitors.

Three ranges Saturday had the members competing at 700 yards, 600 metres and 600 yards.

Ray Hurley had a reasonable hit at 600 yards recording a 58.4 following on from 56.5 at 600 metres.

The next best Terry Neville with 56.3 and Joel Wickstein with 56.1. Shane Mortimer had two ranges with okay scores of 56.1 and 55.1 in the very trying conditions.

Sunday morning all competitors were ready for improvements Graham Donovan and Steve Mortimer separated by just two points for Saturdays total in Target Rifle.

Captain Mike Henley was leading the off rifle scores for F Standard.

Three points ahead of Shane Mortimer and Errol Wishart a point further back. F.T.R. had Joel Wickstein ahead of Ken Mortimer by just 4 X scores and Michelle Hurley five points back from the lead was looking for a big day Sunday to recover.

Ray Hurley had a five point advantage over Adrian Moffat and John Stuart looked out of the picture with the a 223 in the fickle conditions.

Some better scores Sunday, Errol Wishart made the most of the better conditions scoring 59.5 and 59.6 at 500 and 400 yards.

Michelle Hurley recorded the first possible for the competition at 400 yards with a mighty effort of 60.4 and Ray Hurley a great 59.3 at 400.

Three hundred yards saw the conditions improve and Graham Donovan managed 50.4 to record his first possible for the six ranges.

Shane Mortimer another to have a great 60.4 against his name, Ray Hurley also recorded a 60.4 for his first for the weekend.

Joel Wickstein recorded the best score for the weekend with a fantastic 60.8 at 300 yards.

Banging six X scores on the trot before his first V score and finishing with another two X counts.

The X ring at 300 yards is just 32 millimetres across and to hit that small target six times in a row is staggering accuracy.

Well done to Joel Wickstein.

The final results will be announced at the presentations on Saturday, November 4 where members will enjoy a dinner and some good times to celebrate an extremely successful year for the club.