Money discovered at Wylie Bay Waste facility and handed to police

In a heartwarming display of honesty and integrity, a worker at the Wylie Bay Waste Facility discovered $1000 in an x-ray folder before handing it in to police.

Ryan Gath said he found the money while sorting through mixed paper on the conveyor belt on Friday, October 13.

Mr Gath said items such as x-rays were usually put aside to be sorted out later, which led to the discovery.

“I pulled all the x-rays out and had a second look in the envelope just by to chance to see if we’d missed anything,” he said.

That was when he found a neat bundle of 10 $100 notes tucked away.

“Wrapped up in a bit of paper and lacky band was all these green notes.

“I was a bit shocked and then thought ‘I better hang on to that.’

“I stuck it back in the envelope and put it aside and waited until my break at 12 o’clock, and then saw the supervisor to show him what I’d found.”

Mr Gath’s supervisor Peter Barren was equally surprised when he saw the bundle of notes in front of him.

Mr Barren said he was extremely impressed by Mr Gath’s honesty and integrity.

Mr Gath said it was just part of his job.

“We all know what it’s like to have no money in the bank account,” he said.

“But at the end of the day you’d rather be honest and give the money back to its rightful owner rather than pocket it and be dishonest.

“Despite some of the unpleasantries we do get during our job, working out at Wylie Bay Recycling is a very important job,” he said.

“Sometimes doing a nice thing like returning the money, that makes your job even more special than it already is.”

Esperance Police acting senior sergeant Ben Jeffes also shared his praise for the act.

“When you think of the odds, the improbability of it, it’s quite amazing,” he said.

“Their integrity is beyond reproach.”

The money has since been returned to its owner, a retired 75-year-old woman from Castletown, who gave Mr Gath a gift voucher as thanks.

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