Esperance Girls Academy at Esperance Senior High School launch

A new initiative to support and empower local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls has been officially launched at Esperance Senior High School.

The Girls Academy works with more than 30 high schools across Australia, with full-time staff on campus delivering a program to boost school attendance, improve academic performance, build confidence, enhance health and wellbeing, and strengthen cultural connection.

The Esperance Girls Academy has been operating since May but was formally launched by Shire of Esperance deputy president Natalie Bowman on Wednesday, October 18.

Esperance Girls Academy program manager Anna Bonney, said working with the program was both inspiring and fun.

“We began in May and have seen some really significant improvements amongst the girls and have had great community support,” she said.

“We are looking forward to the future activities and successful results of having this program in the Esperance Senior High School.”

Esperance SHS student Anna Reynolds said the Academy had opened up new opportunities for her.

“Being in Girls Academy in this short time I have managed to secure a Traineeship with NAB bank while doing my Cert II in Business at school,” she said.

“This wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the Girls Academy staff.

“Girls Academy has made our relationships in the school better, and we all enjoy coming to our (Academy) room.”

Esperance Senior High School Principal Cathy Bamblett said it was an exciting day for the school’s partnership with the academy.

“We believe strongly that the Girls Academy will continue to make a big difference to the academic, social and personal development of the girls,” she said. 

“We are most appreciative of the support from the Girls Academy that we receive to achieve our goals.”

The Girls Academy is undertaking a significant expansion, with aims to more than double the number of Indigenous girls who benefit from the program to 2,500 nationwide by the end of 2017.