Esperance King of Concrete skating competition announced

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A series of nationally renowned skating competitions, which also highlights local talent, is set to roll into town this December now that King of Concrete has been officially announced for Esperance.

Shredability founder and former World Cup champion Renton Millar said he created the competitions to bridge the gap between entry-level and the pro skate contests.

“It’s really cool because you travel to all these rad spots and local every spot has local star skaters and it gives them the opportunity to skate with some of the best from around the country.”

“We have so many skate parks around Australia these days, they’re just everywhere, but I try and choose the ones that are kinda like the state of the art or the best skate parks.”

As it turns out, Esperance is home to one of these high-quality skate parks, which Mr Millar discovered when he visited for the grand opening of the park in December.

“It’s such a good skate park and it’s a good local skate scene, pretty much the two ingredients to making it happen. As soon as I saw that skate park I definitely wanted to put a comp on there,” he said. 

A former pro skater of 15 years, Mr Millar will also bring some skating royalty with him, including Poppy Starr Olsen, Hayley Wilson, Jedd Mckenzie and Zac Callahan. 

“When we planned King of Concrete for Esperance we really wanted to make it appealing for locals to go in it,” he said.

“That’s one thing that King of Concrete is most definitely about, it’s not about scaring off local people from entering competitions, if anything we really want to get them motivated to go in comps.

“Those skaters that I mentioned, they’re definitely the peak of it and that’s kind of why we’re bring them out to Esperance.

“But at the same time… any skaters we’re keen to have in the competition, we don’t want to limit it to just the best ones.

“It’s not just about competing against other people, it’s competing against yourself.”

King of Concrete kicks off on December 2 as part of Edge of the Bay, which includes live music, community yoga, and Christmas-themed markets.

Shire of Esperance events coordinator Naomi Christensen said the competition would be a great opportunity for local skaters to learn from some of Australia’s best skaters.

“It is a great weekend for youth in Esperance to be given the limelight and be involved in a competition where they may not have the opportunity to do so,” she said.

“The combination of these events is to have a weekend that involves the whole community, it’s a great weekend to be in town and enjoy everything we have to offer.

”Edge of the Bay really is a multigenerational celebration of Esperance.”