Esperance Kart Klub survives hot day on the track

KA3 Junior: Meghan Maguire. Photo: supplied.
KA3 Junior: Meghan Maguire. Photo: supplied.

IT was a warm day out on the track for the October club run with temperatures above 30 degrees. Red faced and drenched in sweat drivers still went out had some fun. The day saw our newest club member Jett Worth make his debut, competing in Cadet 9’s against Brock Barrett. Jett had a fantastic day out on the track handling the warm conditions like a seasoned driver finishing in second place behind Brock in first.

Cadet 12’s were competitive as usual and showing off some text book passing manoeuvres. In the KA3 Senior Heavy was Todd Shearer, John Aurisch and Jason Allan, lots of fun had by all three drivers. The Mug of the Month award went to Meghan Maguire for being a good sport.


Cadet 9: 1. Brock Barrett 1445, 2. Jett Worth 1012. Cadet 12: 1. Jacob Zloich 1445, 2. Joel Maguire 1169, 3. Robert West 980. KA3 Junior: 1. Meghan Maguire 1445. KA3 Senior Heavy: 1. Todd Shearer 1409, 2. John Aurisch 1269, 3. Jason Allan 1137.