Esperance girls run rings around the competition

Three Esperance locals have joined over 32,000 competitors in the Melbourne Marathon Running festival over the weekend.

Emily Witham, Sarah Greenwood and Jessie Eltringham competed in the annual race held on Sunday October 15.

For Ms Witham, who is currently studying medicine at University, the event marked her first interstate run.

Ms Witham managed to complete the 10 kilometre run in a personal best time of 37 minutes and 11 seconds, placing her at the forefront of runners of that division within Western Australia.

Despite having shown promise in the early stages of her athletics career in Esperance in 2007, Ms Greenwood took a break from distance training during boarding school.

Ten years on, the now qualified physiotherapist made her marathon debut in an impressive three hours and eight minutes.

Ms Greenwood used the City to Surf as a warm up, running the half marathon in just one hour and 42 minutes.

Having built a reputation throughout her early years, Ms Eltringham took out bronze at the 2014 National three kilometre under 17’s event in Sydney.

Despite being unable to run for the majority of the year due to a deep muscle tear, Ms Eltringham managed to be the first female to finish the 5.7 kilometre event in the 18-19 year age group.