Cape Le Grand car accident a warning to young drivers

Dash camera footage supplied by Kipp Bennie.

Off-road drivers have been urged to ‘use their common sense’ after a car rolled over at Cape Le Grand last Thursday. 

Dash camera footage has captured the moments after a Toyota Hilux rolled onto its side, the four young men inside the car walking away suffering only minor injuries.

Esperance State Emergency Services deputy commander Glen Churchill said the group were lucky to come away unscathed and encouraged people to exercise caution while driving off-road. 

“You’ve got to look at the conditions, be aware of the conditions and keep the speed down,” he said.

“The beach is not a racetrack, I wouldn’t exceed 40km/h out there.

“That’s the thing we’re [emergency services] trying to get through to people, common sense has got to prevail.”

Mr Churchill said regardless of the location, exceeding the speed limit and driving irresponsibly was still hooning.

“Keep at a reasonable speed, keep your tires at a reasonable pressure, and be aware of the conditions around you,” he said.

“People like driving out there [Cape Le Grand] because, generally, you’ve got hard sand.

“But, if a lot of people have been driving out there, the sand can get churned up, dry out, and become powdery and that is where people get into trouble.”

Mr Churchill said he was aware that people drove up to 80 kilometres per hour in the location. 

“That’s taking your life into your own hands and we all know that cars can be a lethal weapon,” he said.

Local man Kipp Bennie was the first on the scene and said he was taking his dogs to the beach when he came across the rolled 4WD, with the four young tourists climbing out of it.

“When they got out of the car, they all had just a little bit of skin off their knees and things like that,” he said.

“They all had their seatbelts on so they were well strapped in.”

Mr Bennie said although it was the first accident he had come across in the area, he knew it was not an unusual occurrence. 

Mr Bennie said he believed locals and tourists needed to be educated on the dangers of driving in the area.

“It’s a recreational area out there, not saying that rules don’t apply or anything, but people need to be aware and not go too silly out on the beach,” he said.

“Especially young P platers, getting in their new car or their mum and dad’s car and going out to the beach to ‘show off’ to their mates and you can come unstuck very easily.

“I believe that’s what happened, these guys just came ‘unstuck’ and now have the consequences to go with it.”