Esperance couple celebrate 75 years of marriage

Esperance couple James and Barbara Gove will celebrate 75 years of marriage this Friday, October 13.

The pair, who have spent much of their lives travelling, ventured to Australia from South Africa in 1994.

Mr and Mrs Gove, known as Jock and Barbi, met after Mr Gove was drafted to South Africa from Britain with the Royal Air Force in 1941.

“I was stationed at a place about four miles from where [Barbara’s family] lived and her mother was a volunteer in the South African Women’s Auxiliary Services,” Mr Gove said.

“Her mother invited me for tea on a Sunday afternoon and that was it.

“There were six daughters and I never looked at any of the others.”

From that point on, Mr Gove said he would leave duty every Saturday evening to take Mrs Gove dancing.

Despite initial objections from Mrs Gove’s father, Mr Gove said the pair ‘took matters into their own hands’ and married in October 1942.

Mr and Mrs Gove agree the secret to their marriage’s longevity is patience and a sense of humour.