Lyn Ling will open the gates to Helms Gardens again this year for a worthy cause

Helms Gardens creator Lyn Ling will host her annual garden open day this weekend to raise money for charity. 

Ms Ling has allowed the community to wander the garden for a gold coin donation for the last five consecutive years, with the money raised going to the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

“There is something for everyone and the ladies from the Flying Doctor do the most beautiful morning and afternoon tea for $5,” she said.

Ms Ling said the Flying Doctor was a worthy cause of importance to the country.

Ms Ling has lived at Lot 28 Helms Drive for six years and said she was drawn to the property.

“We moved to Esperance about seven years ago and wanted to buy and [the property] just said ‘Come in!’, it just had a lot of promise,” she said.

Ms Ling said she enjoyed gardening in her spare time and the idea of holding an open day came from friends.

“Some people will sit back and read a book or do their knitting, this is my relaxation,” she said.

“I love gardening and friends said ‘Why don’t you share this with everybody as a work of progress?’.”

Ms Ling said the best part of Helms Gardens were the ‘bits and pieces’ donated by the community.

“You walk through the garden and think ‘oh, look. Lesley’s plant is flowering today’, that plant reminds you of that person.”

Helms Gardens will be open 10am - 12pm and 2pm – 5pm Sunday October 8.