KyzaPresents live music Sundays back at Taylor Street Quarters

Spring is here, and so are live music Sunday sessions at the new Taylor Street Quarters.

Kyron Smithson is again hosting the events through his small business KyzaPresents and said he was looking forward to bringing back the relaxed Sunday vibe.

“Over the first month, a lot of acoustic stuff, we’ll just get back to how the Sundays had been running previously,” he said. “The acoustic stuff’s just is nice and casual, and sort of appeals to everyone.”

Mr Smithson said the free, weekly events would see a mix of both local and visiting musicians.

“One of the big things I see is that when you get guys of this level, that sort of pushes the local guys and inspires them to keep becoming better and better as musicians,” he said.

“It also creates these fantastic networking opportunities, which are just huge.”

Mr Smithson said Esperance had an ‘absolutely phenomenal’ live music scene, which visiting musicians took note of.

“Obviously their gigs are always supported by locals and they’re just absolutely blown away by the talent and the support for the live music scene, which is absolute gold,” he said.

KyzaPresents is also hosting an open mic night at the Cannery on Friday, October 6 from 6.30pm.