Average temperatures to continue throughout Spring

September was an eventful month as far as rainfall is concerned, according to Esperance Weather Station records.

Bureau of Meteorology Esperance Station officer-in-charge Cliff Spencer said the most prominent figure to come out of last month’s weather report was the total rainfall, which was 22 per cent above the average.

“We’re at 13 mm above our average for the month, which is quite good,” he said.

“For the year, we’re about 12 per cent above our average.”

Despite the increase, the total monthly rainfall of 74.2 mm was still well below the highest on record, which remains the 122.4 mm Esperance received in September of 2003.

Other than the higher than average rainfall, Mr Spencer said there was nothing ‘conspicuous’ about the September report.

The daily maximum temperatures averaged 18.8 degrees, 0.5 degrees below the average.

Our overnight minimum temperatures averaged 10.3 degrees, just 0.8 degrees above the average.

Mr Spencer said we can expect average rainfall for the month of October.

“As far as rainfall goes, we can say there is an equal likelihood of us recording above average,” he said.

“For October, our average maximum temperature is 21 degrees and our average minimum is 10.6 degrees and it’s unlikely that our maximum and minimum temperatures will be above average.”