Esperance students return from Twin Towns Exchange Program in France

Two local students have returned from the trip of a lifetime after visiting France for a month as part of the Shire of Esperance’s Twin Towns program.

Dana Sharpe and Liam Harris presented a recap of their time in Ile de Re region at the ordinary council meeting last week and thanked both the Shire and the Esperance Lions club for the opportunity.

In her speech, Dana hoped the program would continue to be funded and recommended the experience to any students interested in French culture.

Shire president Victoria Brown said it was a pleasure to fund the program, knowing the two students would have been excellent ambassadors.

Before embarking on trip, Esperance Senior High School student Liam was able to speak some French after learning the language at school for three years.

“I sort of thought that they would all speak English, at least a bit, but I didn’t want to rely on that,” he said.

However, Esperance Anglican Community School student Dana did not speak much of the language having not practiced since primary school.

She quickly picked it up and is now more confident in her abilities.

“I think [my highlight] was going to Ile de Re and experiencing the life style, getting to live like how they live,” she said.

“It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, it’s something that you can’t forget, it was truly amazing and beneficial.”

Liam said his highlight was going to Paris and speaking French with locals.

“It’s definitely a good opportunity if you do French, to use it,” he said.

Liam will be continuing to study French at high school next year and is also planning a trip to Italy at the end of the year.

Dana will also be returning to Europe to visit Italy and also hoped to visit the her new friends in France.