Shire of Esperance officially adopt the Strategic Community Plan

The Shire of Esperance have officially adopted their Strategic Community Plan, which outlines a vision for the region 10 years into the future.

Shire president Victoria Brown said it had been a long journey but she was extremely proud of the final result and the hard work from shire staff.

“It is our guiding document, everything else sort off hangs off that, how we spend our money and projects we’re going to tackle,” she said.

Ms Brown said a big change from the previous future plan was the inclusion of tourism –  a major focus identified during consultation with community groups and residents.

Shire chief executive officer Matthew Scott said review began at the start of this year and involved a lot of community feedback.

“It’s not a document about projects, it’s a document about the things that we will be focusing on,” he said.

“From there, projects will develop as part of the next document, which is the corporate plan.

“The strat plan [sic] says basically what we want to do, and the corporate plan says how we’re going to do it.”

Mr Scott wanted to remind residents that the strategic plan was not just a shire document but a community document as well.

“It’s a plan any community group can use to support what they are actually doing,” he said.

“Hopefully it will enable other organisations, and even individuals in our community, achieve what they want as well.

“Everyone that actually gave formal feedback, we’ve got their… contact details, they’ll actually get a response from the shire saying thanks for your feedback, this is how it’s flowed into the plan.”

The vision for the plan is; “The Esperance Community is vibrant, welcoming and supportive and values its social connections and natural landscape”.

Mr Scott said there was five pillars to the plan, being community connection, built environment, natural environment, growth and prosperity, and community leadership. 

To view the full document visit the Shire’s website.