Esperance marine officer: Fishing licences vital

Fisherman heading to remote locations have been urged to ensure their licences are in order, especially on the south-east coast where there’s little to no phone reception. 

With the Southern Zone recreational abalone fishing season fast approaching, Esperance-based supervising fisheries and marine officer Aly Jennings urged people to obtain licences.

Even though you can buy WA fishing licences online at, black spots out of Esperance mean fishers could be out of range and unable to access the website.

“Our beautiful coastline is full of great fishing opportunities, but if a licence is required for the activity people need to think ahead,” Ms Jennings said.

“Whether it’s an abalone licence for Southern Zone fishing from October to Mid-May or a Recreational Fishing from Boat Licence, buy them before you go.

“In the past we’ve encountered abalone fishers, who’ve come across ideal flat conditions and low tide and, on spec, decided to have a go – that’s only okay if you have an abalone fishing licence”.

“We know fishers might be tempted to fish without a licence, but we urge them not to risk a fine from the Fisheries and Marine Officers, who will be out and about – including that remote spot where you may be fishing today,” she said.

“To avoid a long trek up the hill to get phone signal to buy a licence online, remember to organise it before you go.

“If you plan ahead, you won’t regret it. Make sure you know the rules and limits for your fishing activity. Ensure you have that licence if you are required to.”

You can find WA’s recreational fishing rules and fishing licences online at

Anyone who sees any illegal fishing activities is urged to call FishWatch on 1800 815 507.