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Tanker Jetty researched 

I've just finished researching the Busselton jetty, It's history is rather interesting and bears a similar one to our own with one vital difference the state government gave assistance for the WHOLE of their jetty to be restored and heritage listed in it's entirety. Is there something uniquely different about about ours that renders it ineligible for the same consideration? 

Richard Spain

Springfield Street, West Beach. 

New Jetty location

Recent comments from the Shire President about building a new jetty on a new site indicates not only how desperate things have become for the council but also her ignorance of some basic regulatory requirements.

In the current climate where the council has snubbed its nose repeatedly at the Heritage Minster’s requirements for the Tanker Jetty’s cultural fabric to be retained and a fully funded business plan meeting the Conservation Order conditions to be presented for consideration, the Shire now has a very significant hurdle to overcome to get government support for the president’s latest grandiose idea ... a new location for a new jetty.

The waters and seabed in Esperance Bay are the responsibility of the State.

The Shire has no authority over them.

Then there are the issues of the Jetty Licence and the $1 million from Royalties for Regions provided in 2008-09 after the jetty was Heritage listed, to be spent on maintenance, but instead went to drainage works and the sports ground.

Also, the offer by the former Regional Development Minister to remediate the structure with Royalties for Region funding wasn’t declined, just ignored!

And now after a third failure to win the support of the Heritage Council the Shire tries to lay the blame on that agency and the State Government for the shortcomings of a number of inappropriate concept plans.

The Heritage Council has repeatedly stated the Shire needs to follow the “exemplar” Busselton Jetty model integrating new and existing fabric that recognises and celebrates that structure’s identified cultural heritage significance.

The Heritage Council rightfully rejected the current concept because “the proposed design does not reflect the identified cultural significance of the jetty in terms of its timber construction aesthetics and social values, and does not incorporate heritage interpretation into its design”.

The Heritage Council recommends the “Shire investigates proven alternatives, such as this (Busselton) and those in other jurisdictions in Australia that meet their communities’ needs and deliver positive tourism, commercial and heritage outcomes”.

A restored tanker jetty meets all these requirements.

This is a far cry from the Council’s fanfare presented when it released its latest concept back in July.

Then it boasted of a “dynamic jetty design” that “represents the best of both worlds when it comes to blending the old with the new” and “the new design includes utilising (sic) much of the original fabric”.

It fell terribly short of what was required by the community and obviously the Heritage Council.

This body has indicated that their representatives will come to Esperance to meet with the Shire and relevant officials to discuss the current impasse.

Friends of the Jetty will seek a meeting with the Council when it is in Esperance to put a strong case for the historic tanker jetty to be remediated and its rich cultural fabric retained.

Dale Piercey

Moran Place, Esperance

The ‘demise’ of the Tanker Jetty

A re-visitation, the people of Esperance can do nothing.

The Shire Council are having their way. They are demolishing the jetty as they have been doing ever since they took over the “care and use” of the jetty.

Little maintenance and removal of portions has weakened the whole structure and lack of maintenance as we have seen lately is saving the shire the cost of demolition. 

Demolition by neglect and removal of more of the structure is as effective as if they had placed explosives on the jetty and blown our poor jetty out of the water.

Remember the jetty next council election day, they won’t.

Remember, when has the Esperance Shire Council ever taken notice of the residents of Esperance.

Not only the majority of the Councillors need to be purged from the Council, but also many of the contractors which they have employed need to be cut free from the Esperance Shire Management Plan.

Stand up for Esperance.


As you all know and was reported in this Friday’s Express, September 15, the Tanker Jetty has lost it’s battle and has started crumbling and falling apart (as predicted).

As is recorded in the Express the Shire’s answer to the Express, and I quote, “although this is exactly what we have all been waiting to happen, still when you see it, it is devastating, it’s devastating for everybody,” Ms Brown said.

Was it inappropriately stated or did the Shire President let slip what the Shire Council has been doing for many years.

The term “demolition by neglect” speaks of what is actually happening now, even before this letter to the editor is published.

Dave Law,


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