Toughconditions for Esperance rifle shooters

Difficult conditions with a frontal fishtail breeze and mirage increased the intensity and the challenge of shooters on Saturday.

Fourteen members of the rifle club were present for the 600-metre competition.

The season is almost over with just one range to shoot, which is 700 yards, followed by the club championships which will be held over two days and takes in each range from 300 yards to 700.

Although the sighting was good it was difficult to read the changes as they occurred in the blink of an eye.

Switching the impact point to each side of the target there was plenty of missed opportunities of hitting the middle.

F Class Standard had six entries and captain Mike Henley pushed them all the way with an out of character score 47.1 and 56.3.

Ellen Moffat was next up the list with 54.1 and 52.2, Jim Dunne returned scores of 54.1 and 53.1, and Errol Wishart 55.2 and 53 claiming third place.

Second place went to Shane Mortimer scoring 53.2 and 56.3 and winning the day was Terry Neville scoring 56.1 and 54.1.

The entire field handicap scores went from 97 down to 88 showing just how tough the day’s conditions were.

FTR Division had three competitors with Dalene Mortimer down on her recent averages scoring just 51.1 and 47.1 from possible 60 scores.

Second place had Ken Mortimer with scores of 52.1 and 51.1

“Some Esperance shooters will be competing at the West Australian Queens Prize shoot in Pinjar on Saturday”

                                                                                                                                                 Winning the day was Michelle Hurley scoring 55.2 and 56.1 in the limited weight rifle including rifle mounted rest which is FTR Division.           

F Open also had three competitors and Ray Hurley finished in third place scoring 55 and 47 with his two hits. Second place saw John Stuart scoring 51 and 54 while Adrian Moffat posted a reasonable score with 56.3 and 58.4 for his two efforts.

Target rifle had just two shooters with Steve Mortimer firing scores of 44.1 and 41.1 and Graham Donovan knuckled down and returned a brilliant 50.7 and the only possible for the day with his first effort and followed with a competitive 48.3 second time down.

The handicap winners were as follows, third place Michelle Hurley on 97, Adrian Moffat second place on 99 and Graham Donovan first with 100.


The Esperance rifle range will be silent this Saturday as the West Australian Queens Prize will be on at the new range in Pinjar west of Bulls Brook.

Several Esperance members will be competing in four divisions, F Open, F Standard, FTR and Target Rifle so good luck to all those going to Pinjar.

Local competition will recommence on September 29. See you on the mound.


For more information on the club contact the captain, Mike on 0429 851 051.