Gearing up for Community Fun Run

Participants in the South East Runners’ event on Saturday took to the hills near Twilight Beach, in  warm conditions. There was a choice of two, four or eight kilometre distances.

The 2km event was the province of the juniors, with Tamiel Ben-Dixon finishing first ahead of Joshua Maccan in the run, while Sam Jefferies opted for the 2km walk.

Pam Williams was the only taker and winner for the 4km run, though the 4km walk proved more popular with four competitors.

Clare Jefferies finished first, followed by Alison Reddyhough, then it was Howard Reddyhough and Lance Williams together for third place.

Zoe Maccan was the only runner in the 8km event, and recorded a very slick time.

Next weekend is the Cliffs Community Run which will be held on Sunday, September 24, with events of 5km, 10km or a half-marathon.

Competitors can choose to run or walk 5km or 10km, starting at 9am, or run the half-marathon, starting at 8am.

Entries can be made online at register now by searching for Cliffs Community Fun Run. Alternatively registrations can be made between 4pm and 5pm on Saturday, September 23 at the Pier Hotel, or by turning up early on the day.

Entry is free for all competitors under 18.

Results:2km run: Tamil Ben-Dixon 9.55; Joshua Maccan 10.24; 2km walk: Sam Jefferies 19.55; 4km run: Pam Williams 21.09; 4km walk: Clare Jefferies 35.50; Alison Reddyhough 41.17; Howard Reddyhough 41.22; Lance Williams 41.22; 8km run: Zoe Maccan 32.06