Esperance Land Based Fishing Club boast fantastic turn out

Was a fantastic turn out for the start of the Esperance Land Based Fishing Club's first venue for the season.

Next venue will be the long week end on September 23-25.

Check out the results of the club’s latest competition below: 

Gummy Shark:

Senior Male- Treve 6.910kg

Senior Female- Hannah 5.525kg


Under 16s Male- Torin 1.126kg

K.G Whiting:

Senior Male- Tyson 0.169kg

Senior Female- Jana 0.153kg

U16's Male- Tom 0.143kg

U16's Female- Maddison 0.141kg


Senior Male- Neil 1.586kg

U16's Male- Torin 1.067kg


Senior Male- Tyson 0.332kg

U16's Male- Riley 0.210kg


Senior Male- Graham 0.554kg

Senior Female- Sophie 0.528kg

U16's Male- Riley 0.430kg

U16's Female- Matilda 0.304kg


Senior Male- Tyson 4.071kg

Senior Female- Sheryl 3.240kg

U16's Male- Jayden 4.183kg

U16's Female- Matilda 2.576kg

Sand Whiting:

Senior Male- Eugene 0.142kg

Senior Female- Lela 0.146kg

U16's Male- Riley 0.138kg

U16's Female- Matilda 0.127kg


Senior Male- Tyson 0.208kg

Senior Female- Sheryl 0.098kg

U16's Male- Torin 0.154kg

U16's Female- Bree 0.56kg