Emma Timmis passes through Esperance on her 8000 kilometre journey across Australia

A woman raising money for charity on an 8000 kilometre across Australia, stopped in Esperance on Wednesday.

Emma Timmis reached her 2000 kilometre milestone when she arrived in town on her elliptical cycle. 

Ms Timmis is raising money for One Girl, a charity that aims to educate and empower girls in Sierra Leone and Uganda. 

“Over the past five-six years I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Africa. I just realise how privileged I am that I have the basic things in life. A lot of people in the world don’t have that. I really want to help. I’m really passionate about helping women… and I’m definitely passionate about Africa,” she said. 

Commencing the journey in Denham, Shark Bay she has headed south, followed the coastline of Western Australia. The epic journey will end at Byron Bay in New South Wales.

Ms Timmis needs to finish in less than 80 days because she’s in Australia on a tourist visa. “I have to finish in 80 days, which as it stands at the moment I’m on target for. I’m trying to cover 100 kilometres a day on average,” she said. 

To the average person the journey across Australia would be daunting but for Ms Timmis it’s an exciting challenge. 

The adventure athlete has ran across Africa, skated across Holland and is keen to add her elliptigo journey across Australia to that rather impressive list. 

Dreaming up the idea a year and a half ago, Ms Timmis said the trip took more than a year to plan.

“It has taken me a long time to plan it because I want to incorporate so many things into it,” she said. 

“It’s not just a case of I’m going to ride from A to B. I want to raise a lot of money for charity... I want to go into schools to do talks to encourage kids to go out and stay active while they’re young, and lots of other little things that I’m trying to incorporate into this one big journey.”

She also said the training prior to her trip was intense.

Ms Timmis said everywhere she goes people are curious about her trip. 

“Loads of people want to stop me and talk to me. Everyone loves the elliptigo,” she said. 

To follow her journey visit her website via www.emmatimmis.com or follow her on Twitter or Facebook