Esperance woman fined after receiving two driving charges within eight minutes

An Esperance woman revealed she was confused by police requests the night she received two driving charges within eight minutes of each other. 

Linda Rachel Fiegert, 46, pleaded guilty to two charges of failing to comply with a requirement made by police when she represented herself in the Esperance Magistrates Court.

Fiegert was stopped by officers on May 30 around 10:40pm on Padbury Street. 

The court heard Fiegert misunderstood police when they asked her to accompany them to the station, after she gave a positive result to methamphetamine in a preliminary test. 

After police advised Fiegert that failing to comply would lead to an offence, they left the scene. 

She then drove off in her white suzuki, only to be stopped again at 10:48pm by the same officers.

At the time Fiegert told officers she had to get to work and wouldn’t have driven off had she realised she wasn’t allowed to.

She received a $600 fine, was ordered to pay $188 in court costs and her drivers licence was suspended for three months.

Fiegert had no previous record.